Clean the Kitchen in 30 Minutes

Follow our cleaning guide by the minute for sparkling cuisine in just 30 minutes.

Since the kitchen is often the focal point of the house, it requires more cleaning. Splashes, dirty dishes and leftovers: there is always a task to do in the kitchen. Follow these steps to the minute to finish quickly with cleaning and enjoy a sparkling kitchen in 30 minutes!


Gather your cleaning products. Gather the cleaning items and place them in an easily accessible place. This step may take longer the first time, but you will save a lot of time the other times. A bin for cleaning or a basket under the sink are perfect for storing everything you need. Here are some useful articles to have:

·        Microfibre cloths

·        All purpose spray cleaner

·        Dishwashing detergent or dishwashing detergent

·        Scrub brush for dishwashing

·        Dish drainer or dish cloths

·        Paper towels

·        Ordinary broom or broom with dry or damp cloths


Check that the dishwasher does not contain any more clean dishes. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water. Note: If you have a single sink, be sure to empty the liquids or sauces that remain in the dishes in the sink before filling it.


Empty the residue from the plates in the bin or grinder. Place the dishes in the dishwasher or sink to soak. Fill the pots and pans with soapy water and let them soak on the counter.


Throw all garbage in the bin. Sort the recyclables first.


Keep the leftovers . Store them in airtight dishes and place them in the refrigerator or in the pantry.


Place items that have no place in the kitchen in a basket. You will put them in their place later.


Spray the outside of the range, the table and countertops with an all purpose cleaner, then clean these surfaces with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. To clean the cooking spills, spray cleaner, then leave on for a few minutes while you tackle another task. Also clean the inside of the stove. Clean the slides on the cabinets.


Wash the dishes in the sink, then place it on the drainer or dishcloth to let it dry. You can also ask for help to clean the dishes! Clean the sink and faucet when done.


Sweep the floor and clean the mess with a damp cloth.


Rinse the clothes. Hang them to dry or wash them if they are dirty.


Take out the garbage and recycling.

Posted on August 03, 2018 at 08:55 PM

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