In many occasions DIY and crafts can become our best ally we can customize or create our own furniture. In this way, today we will give some ideas to create furniture and DIY accessories for our home.


A coat rack can be a great storage solution for the entrance of a house or to place those garments that by their size do not fit in the closet. Therefore, let's see step by step how we can create a simple industrial-style coat rack for our home with some DIY tricks and crafts.

First, we will choose the measures that best suit the available space and buy a wooden board of that size. Next, we will pass a sander to remove any impurities and apply a dark varnish to give character to the furniture.

Create your own coat rack with a wooden board and copper pipes

While it dries, we will cut with a pipe cutter the copper pipe that will go horizontal on top. Your measurement should be the length of the table minus 5 centimeters per side. With regard to the side tubes, we will cut them to the height we need for our coat rack depending on the length of the clothes we are going to hang.

Next, we will assemble the frame with the copper tubes and join them using two 90º elbows . Next, we will fix with a screwdriver the iron bases for tubes to the wooden board leaving 5 centimeters for each end.

Also, we will use and screw the bottom of the  wheels to move the coat rack easily where we want.

Finally, we will place the structure in the base and we can hang all our coats and accessories in a practical and elegant way.


A very practical option to place our things on the wall is to create a completely customized shelf. To do this, we mark on a wooden strip with a flexometer  and a carpenter's pencil the measures that best suit the space we have.

Later, we will cut with a saw and a guide to miter the different slits in the slats to be able to fit them. Remember that they can be made at an angle to give a more modern touch.

Then, we will clean the wood with a cloth and apply a wooden adhesive to fix the slats on each other.

Once the structure has dried, we will fix it to the wall and we will be able to place all our things.


The pots can become the perfect complement that gives life and joy to our home. In this way, today we will see how we can create our own planters and planters by personalizing them with the size or colors that we like the most.

First, we will mark the measurements on top of the plastic glass plates of the planter structure that we want to create. Afterwards, we will cut the pieces with a jigsaw or with a cutter for plastic glass . Also, if we want a larger planter, we can always opt for plastic glass for sale by the meter .

Once we have cut all the pieces, we will apply an extra strong glue so that all the ends are well joined and no soil or water escapes from our plants.

Next, we will assemble the structure piece by piece, sealing it with the glue and let it dry.

To finish, we will add the substrate and choose the plant that we like the most. Keep in mind that depending on the size of the planter we can choose smaller or larger specimens, although aromatic plants such as basil or lavender , or flowers such as pansies or carnation will give a unique touch to our planter plastic glass

Posted on August 03, 2018 at 08:56 PM

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