The Most Used Materials in the Manufacture of Furniture

Surely it has ever happened to you that you have been interested in buying a piece of furniture, and you have not been able to identify what material the furniture was, which undoubtedly influences the price of the furniture.

For this reason, from our furniture store in Valencia , we want to offer you more information about the materials most used in the manufacture of furniture , so that when you come to our furniture store , you can understand the differences between the furniture finishes.

So, without winding up, we leave you some of the most common materials in the manufacture of furniture:

Chipboard covered with synthetic sheet metal (melamine)

The agglomerate covered with synthetic sheet metal, or what is the same, melamine , is a synthetic decorative sheet glued on agglomerate boards, with the edges covered with the same material, which are usually PVC or ABS according to the qualities of their own melamine.

One of the main characteristics of melamine is that it usually has a lot of finishes, so you can make melamine furniture in imitation smooth wood, imitation pore wood (some of these finishes are so achieved that they are difficult to differentiate from the authentic wood with the naked eye), plain colors or with relief ... In short, all types of finishes that you can imagine.

Melamine furniture

Within the melamine furniture , there are different qualities, which are based on the thickness of the melamine layer (the thicker, the better), and the density of the board (the low density ones have a very low quality).

Advantages of melamine furniture

Melamine is one of the most resistant materials against moisture, steam, chemical agents, erosion and scratching.

Melamine furniture is the cheapest, easiest to clean and requires practically no maintenance.

Disadvantages of melamine furniture

Obviously, it holds less weight than other materials.

It is vulnerable to water at the junction between faces and edges, so if this area of ​​the furniture gets wet, it may end up swelling.

Why choose melamine furniture?

It is easy to clean, as it is a material in which microorganisms do not develop.

It is resistant against stains and friction.

It is fully customizable by the multitude of finishes and colors available.

Lacquered DM

The DM is an agglomerated board that is manufactured from glued and pressed wood fibers. As we have said before, it has a more uniform surface than normal agglomerate, and it is also more dense.

The furniture DM have a very good finish on faces and edges, so they tend to be perfect for lacquering, since not shrink or expand, no cracks are generated in the joints. The best furniture DM are those that are canteen with PVC for the tightness that contributes to the furniture.

When you have the pieces of furniture of DM, they are painted and polished, to obtain the lacquered furniture, where extra added value is provided by the artisanal process that is carried out and the beauty of the finish.

Furniture in lacquered DM

One of the things that must be taken into account of the lacquered DM is that it is a delicate use material, since it is easily scratched, so it is not recommended for desk tables, for example.


Advantages of lacquered DM furniture

The lacquered MDF furniture allows to profile and carve them to create very varied shapes.

They are harder than wooden furniture, and have more dimensional stability.

The furniture of DM does not affect the heat, so they can be placed near the radiators, as for example to make a radiator cover.

Disadvantages of lacquered DM furniture

The lacquers that are applied to these furniture are hard, but they can also end up jumping if they are hit.

DM boards resist less weight than wood, so shelves or boards that are a bit long can warp.

The lacquered furniture are more expensive than melamine.

Natural veneer

The natural veneer furniture is usually formed by a core of relatively thick agglomerate, covered by this natural veneer of wood that will be stuck to it.

The natural wood veneers can be made of beech, ash, oak, walnut ... and they are furniture that replace solid wood, improving its durability and its characteristics, since they are more resistant than those of natural wood.

Furniture in natural veneer with lacquered DM

Advantages of natural veneer furniture

They have greater stability than wood.

It does not affect the heat, so we could use this type of furniture near the heating radiators.

Disadvantages of natural sheet metal furniture

The coating is delicate, so it could be damaged if it is struck.

Resists less weight than natural wood.

This type of furniture is not so cheap compared to melamine, but its value for money is the most adjusted.

Solid wood

The solid wood is one of the most demanded by customers furniture materials. It is the material that has been used for more time in the manufacture of furniture, as it brings warmth to the home, and makes it a more welcoming place.

Decoration metal details

This type of wood is usually used together with chipboard, covering them with a wood veneer ( furniture of natural veneer , which we have seen before), since natural wood is scarce in the market and its price is much higher .

One of the most common woods in the manufacture of furniture is pine, which is a low-density wood, which is more easily scratched with small strokes, and its price is cheaper than other woods such as beech , ash or walnut.

Advantages of solid wood furniture

It is more resistant than DM furniture, so if we use it to make shelves or study tables, even if we put a lot of weight, they will not warp.

It allows to profile or carve it to create very varied shapes.

It has a natural and ecological finish, and its touch is very pleasant because it will never be cold.

Disadvantages of solid wood furniture

The main disadvantage faced by this type of furniture is the difference between the types of wood, since economic ones such as pine are soft, so they are quite delicate against blows and can be easily scratched.

This furniture itself is affected by heat, which can cause the furniture to deform or crack.

In homes with variations in humidity, wooden parts can deform and crack.

Solid wood furniture, even pine wood, is usually the most expensive.

Posted on August 03, 2018 at 09:00 PM

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