Clean the Laundry Room in 30 Minutes

Your guide cleaning the laundry room in 30 minutes pile.

The laundry room is often neglected and can quickly become a storage room. Follow this quick 30 minute routine to clean your laundry room thoroughly with this cleaning guide!


Gather and organize all your cleaning products. Although this step may require a few extra minutes at the beginning of your routine, it will save you time in the end and help minimize distractions. Here is a list of basic items to possess:

·        Laundry basket

·        Laundry trunk

·        Step stool

·      Basket or empty bin to deposit objects that have no place in the laundry room

·        Microfibre cloths (these will lift and retain more dirt and dust than regular linens)

·        All purpose spray cleaner

·        Dishwashing detergent

·        Soft scouring brush or toothbrush

·        Vacuum


Sort all the clothes. Fold and put clean clothes in the laundry basket (you will store them later) and put dirty clothes in the laundry trunk.


Take a quick tour of the room and drop all items that are out of place in the laundry room into a basket (you'll put them back later).


Remove carpets or mats from the room and shake them out. Spread them on a ramp to air them while you clean the rest of the room.


Using a dry cloth or vacuum brush, remove any cobwebs that are hiding in the corners of the room. Dust and clean the lights.


Using a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner, clean the doors, shelves, and countertops as well as the outside of the washer and dryer (including handles and knobs). Check the walls to see if there are splashes of detergent or other marks that need to be cleaned. As you move around the room, clean from top to bottom and from left to right to minimize cleaning time.


Fill the sink with water and dish soap. Clean the lint screen (you should do it after each drying), then wash it in the sink with a soft scrub brush or toothbrush. Using the narrower attachment on your sweeper, clean any lint or debris that may have entered the lint trap. Dry the filter and replace it.


Remove the laundry soap dispenser from the washer and wash it in the sink. If your washer is front-loading, wash the rubber gaskets inside the door with a microfiber cloth (ideally, you should do it after each load). Use a toothbrush if you need to clean them with a little more vigor. Dry the dispenser, then replace it.

Tip: Follow our guide to thoroughly wash your washer .

0:24 Wipe

Wet microfiber cloth along baseboards to remove dust and dirt.


Sweep or vacuum on the floors.


Take out the garbage cans and replace the carpets that you had left.


Pour detergent and a few cups of vinegar into your washer (to clean it even more) and perform a wash cycle using the hottest water possible.

Posted on August 06, 2018 at 01:28 PM

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