Cleaning Schedule of the House

You do not know how often certain household chores should be done? In order not to go wrong, here are the tasks to do and their frequencies, to always have a clean house with these cleaning guide.

Household chores to be done every day

- Make the beds

- Do the dishes – Take out the trash

- Clean the kitchen worktop and the sink

- Air for 10 minutes

The household chores to do once a week

- Change the sheets

- Clean bathroom and toilets

- Change towels

- Clean on the floor (vacuum cleaner or mop)

- Dust off

- Wash the machine (to do more often as needed)

- Iron

- Ranger which drags

Household chores to do once a month

- Defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator

- Clean under furniture

- Window cleaning

The household chores do every six months

- Clean the kitchen storage and check the dates of validity of the provisions

- Return the mattresses

The household tasks to be done once a year

- Take out the unused laundry for a year (linen and clothes) and air it for a whole day preferably in the sun

- wash the duvets and pillows

- Sorting in clothes and useless objects (to throw or to give)

You can adapt this cleaning schedule to your needs, depending on whether you have children, pets, if you spend a lot of time or not at home ...

Posted on August 06, 2018 at 01:29 PM

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