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Ideas to put plants inside the house.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have spacious and open spaces at home, do not worry if you do not have a balcony or terrace, since with a series of DIY tricks you can adapt areas of your home or decorative elements to make your own garden inside.

Transform small wooden cabinets in original pots and indoor gardens.

This time I want to talk about gardening and some DIY tricks to adapt old ornaments, small closets or even spaces to have plants and flowers inside the house.

The first step that we must take into account is where we are going to make the garden or the pot, and from there look for or manufacture some element that suits, for example, a wooden box to be placed on a shelf or on the countertop of the kitchen. Secondly, it is important to know the style you like, and if you should paint it, line it, or decorate it; In this case we have chosen a painting that simulates the clay, to give a touch to the wood as if it were a pot.

Finished this, it is the moment of that you choose that type of plants or flowers can go better for this container or space, taking into account your tastes and not forgetting that they must be plants and flowers of interior. Do not forget to treat the wood, or put some kind of insulation, like a plastic to protect it, we recommend plants that should not be watered much.

With this simple trick of DIY, you can enjoy gardening at home, even if you do not have open spaces, taking advantage of old ornaments or small areas to give a natural touch to your decoration.

How to create an original planter

Every day we use different materials that are usually for single use and then we discard them. This usually happens with plastic bottles that once emptied are usually stacked inside the trash can and then deposited directly to the plastic recycling bin.

A very cool and easy to make pot

As you probably already know there are many possibilities to reuse in our home the plastic bottles we use every day, whether water or soft drink, and to perform some crafts. For our DIY trick anyone can serve us. With this DIY trick I'll show you how to turn a bottle into a very cool and modern pot.

This pot is very easy to make, plus the safest thing is that all the materials you need you must have at home.

You can use plastic bottles of different sizes, I recommend that preferably be the bottles that have small "legs" in the base so they can support better.

Once you have the pot you can put your imagination to fly and make the designs that you want. You can also make pots of different sizes to put them together and decorate a part of your home.

How to remove labels from glass jars easily

Recycling cans or some bottles, either to reuse them with our own recipes, or to perform different DIY jobs is very common. Let's see how easy it is to eliminate the labels of these containers with one of our simple DIY tricks.

Every time we are more those that we put ourselves to realize our own preserves and of course, they will need a container. The best option, and of course the most economical one, is to reuse all the containers of the products that we consume in our day to day.

For this DIY trick, we need bottles or glass bottles that we want to reuse and that, as is normal, will have their label very well attached.

To eliminate these labels without any effort or damaging the container, we will only need steam, as simple as that.

We place a pot (large enough so that the label receives the steam completely) with water to the fire and we take it until the boiling point.

When the water is boiling, we take the container, with the help of a rag or mitten, so that the steam does not burn us, and we make the steam come into direct contact with the label.

About two minutes, we can gradually remove the label seeing how there are no remains of the adhesive in the container.

If we want to take advantage and save even more, if possible, this trick of DIY, we can take advantage of the water vapor generated in any cooking we do, as the package will not come into contact with food, there is no risk of spoiling it.

Posted on August 06, 2018 at 01:32 PM

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