How to Decorate your Home Using Modern Furniture

If you need to furnish your home, or just want to give it a different air, you can take advantage of your new modern furniture to be part of the decoration of the house.

Yes, you have not read wrong. The furniture contributes to the decoration of the home , and that is why it is necessary to pay attention to them when choosing one or the other. If you want to know how to decorate your home using modern furniture , read on.

From our furniture store in Valencia we want to give you some tips to make a modern and cozy atmosphere in your home, much easier than it seems.

Modern bedrooms

To decorate a modern bedroom with modern style furniture , the main thing is to bear in mind that this space will revolve around the bed.

The bed in our modern bedroom should be comfortable, obviously, since it is one of the fundamental pieces in our health and in our day to day, but you should not forget about the design, since comfort does not have to be at odds with style .

If you have little space in your home, you can always opt for a sofa to store bedding, for example, but if you are not short of space, we advise you to opt for a bed rim, or for a structure with legs floor, to leave space below, as it will give a lot of fresh air to the room.

If you follow these tips, it is very likely that your modern marriage bedroom will look great, since you will gain space, spaciousness, freshness and style.

Modern receivers

Regarding the modern receivers , they are pieces that you are demanding more and more of us. Simple consoles are setting a trend, since the modern style seeks simplicity and spaciousness, without overloading small spaces.

That is why we advise you to opt for the basics, such as one of our hanging consoles, where you can place empty pockets, and leave your house keys, with a set mirror for those last touches before leaving home.

Modern living rooms

Modern salons are one of our key pieces in the modern style puzzle . Depending on the space you have, you can opt for some solutions or other, but generally, there are some essential parts in a modern room :

·        Modern TV cabinet

·        Modern sofas

·        Modern coffee tables

·        Modern dining tables and chairs

Obviously, if you had enough space, a modern dresser would always fit perfectly in the room, since you would gain in style, and also in space to store all kinds of things.

Regarding television furniture , your tastes and, above all, the space you have, will set the trend. You can choose a low module, or a modular furniture and configure it to your liking. It's up to you!

TV cabinet for modern living room

For modern sofas , you have two options mainly. Or upholstered in an anti-stain fabric, to avoid all kinds of setbacks, or upholstered in quality leather. If you opt for the faux leather, synthetic leather or leatherette, you run the risk that the sofa lasts a few years because it peels or breaks down. The valencia sofas that we have in our store will surely fit your tastes.

Regarding modern coffee tables , the trend moves through the metal structure with the porcelain lid, but you have a thousand options depending on your tastes and your needs. The eleva table coffee tables are also a must if you spend little time at home and you like to enjoy dinner in front of the television, on the sofa in your house, with your partner. Everything will depend on the use you are going to give, of course.

Contemporary coffee table for modern living room

And finally, the modern dining tables and chairs . If you need amplitude, you can opt for an extendable table , to give shelter to all your guests around the table. However, these tables are usually thicker than the fixed ones, and sometimes they remain like a glob in the room. So, if you have no need, opt for a fixed table with metal structure or glass, and with the wooden lid, and you will captivate all the people who pass through it with their design and their naturalness. And do not forget to combine the colors and textures of the table with those of the chairs.

Posted on August 06, 2018 at 01:34 PM

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