The Importance of Garden Maintenance

We all like that our green areas look neat and beautiful. For this, a series of guidelines must be taken into account so that the maintenance of our gardens is carried out correctly with your gardening.

Control the growth : in the gardens we usually plant different species together so we must control their growth so they do not invade the space of the adjoining plants or see little care.

Weeds : you should also observe if weeds are growing or plants that harm the good growth of our plants and eliminate them as soon as possible.

Pruning and mowing : you have to be aware of when you are pruning and mowing trees, shrubs and grass in your garden. Always consult a specialist because pruning at a wrong time can kill your tree / bush.

Fertilization : it is necessary to take into account the time of fertilization of each species and not only fertilize the soil with plants and flower pots, also with the soil of the garden, since the trees and shrubs need their nutrients to grow. It is true that normally it is paid in the spring, but we must bear in mind that we should do a reinforcement also in winter to resist cold. There are different types of fertilizer, you must choose the one that best suits each type of plant. Here the fertilizers are explained

Pests : control the possible pests that your garden may have with phytosanitary products. If you have leaves infected with fungi, for example, cut them so they do not spread.

Irrigation : if you are going on holiday take into account that you must find a system to keep your plants and gardens with the humidity they need since water is an essential element for your plants to grow and stay alive. Avoid watering in the hours of more sun and wet the flowers, try to water the base of the stem.

With these tips you can keep your garden in good condition all year to enjoy it both in summer and in winter without much effort.

Posted on August 06, 2018 at 01:34 PM

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