What Is Floristics And How To Make Beautiful Flower Arrangements?

Florist is decorative and applied art, which teaches you to make beautiful floral arrangements. With the help of florists it is possible to create beautiful bouquets, collages, panels and other masterpieces from sola flower bouquet, leaves, branches and other plant components.

Including flowers in natural compositions you need to know that every kind of them is a kind of symbol of something specific. And if the person to whom the bouquet is addressed understands the language of flowers, then with the help of such a gift you can tell about your feelings for him. Peonies symbolize wealth and glory, gladioli - constancy. The lotus is a symbol of good health, and the azalea is devotion. By including an orchid in your composition, you can hint at the beauty of the bouquet’s recipient.

Floristry is very popular today. All the necessary materials and tools for this hobby can be bought in the e-flor.ru store.

For the manufacture of floral compositions in addition to flowers, you can use berries, leaves, grass, nuts and other natural materials. Moreover, they can be both live and dried. Choosing components for your bouquet you need to carefully examine them for the absence of defects. Agree that a beautiful bouquet or other composition with dots on the leaves or broken branches will look not as good as you expect.

If you are a novice florist, you should know the basic principle of composition: it no longer means better. You need to start with compositions in which no more than three components. Even experienced florists do not use more than three sola flower bouquet.

Bouquets and other flower arrangements should be made correctly. In florists it is customary to distinguish three ways of combining colors: using similar colors, a combination of contrasting colors and a combination of several shades of the same color.

If you want to play on the contrast in your composition, it is better to choose from monochromatic colors: orange gerberas and blue irises. You can combine the colors of light and dark hues. It looks very nice bouquet with a gradient of rolling colors from dark to light and vice versa.

Of course, you should not pay attention only to the color scheme. If you use other components besides colors in your compositions, you should choose from those that are harmoniously combined with the other components in form and design.

Florist is a very exciting activity that can be carried out with children, bringing them closer to nature.

Posted on November 01, 2018 at 01:39 PM

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